another silence and twinkling, surfaces of water and dreams in ode to gaston bachelard and all our ancestors. why still hiding?

what it is about writing alone on a very windy hill and so on? we just looked so straight and so on. and yet you said:"well what is it all about?" (and so on). me, smiling, whishing is was summer again...

neverending stories prismic patterns

my breath is turning to a barking vision

false prismic patterns falling apart through breaking sunlight structures. my hair and my hands. there was a dream before. and i forgot it.

may beauty be the faith of lustful rainbow

muses all around but us sitting in the small room

oh dear, why not talking for now and ever about what might have happened if there were what we would wish it would be

just blue

rather sharing the golden vehicle with a nobody than watching you standing, turning around your own axis